Friday, March 22, 2013

Walmart’s Scan & Go App Coming to Android

Walmart’s Scan & Go App Coming to Android

scan.and.go-androidI think just about everyone can agree that standing at the long checkout lines in Wal-mart can be a bit annoying, most people don’t even like going into Wal-mart to begin with. In August 2012 Walmart kicked of a small test of the Scan & Go system; first testing it out at one location in Arkansas, then bumping that up to 70 stores, and soon to be around 200 stores.

The Scan & Go system allows shoppers to scan the barcodes of their products as they go throughout the store, seeing how much they are spending before they get the surprise at the register. Scan & Go also makes checking out faster by using the by using the Scan & Go app to check out at the Self Checkout registers. So much simpler to shop. There’s only a couple problems with this wonderful idea.

Firstly, the Scan & Go app is currently only available for iOS, but not for long as Wal-mart has recently announced that the Android version of Scan & Go will be coming soon. Unfortunately there has yet to be any specific date as to how long ‘soon’ is. The other problem with Scan & Go is that it only works at Wal-mart locations that have Self Checkout registers; currently only about 1,500 of the 4,000 Walmart stores in the US have Self Checkout. Wal-mart currently has plans to add Self Checkout to 1,000 stores or so. Having 1,000 more stores with Self Checkout is great, but that doesn’t cover them all, which means even when Wal-Mart gets around to putting out the Scan & Go app for Android there will be quite a few Walmart shoppers that will still have to do it the old fashioned way.

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