Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hotsauce releases Catcha Catcha Aliens for Android

Hotsauce releases Catcha Catcha Aliens for Android

There was more than one great endless runner released this week as Hotsauce’s Catcha Catcha Aliens crept onto Google Play. It’s an interesting take on the whole running thing as you play the role of an alien catcher catcha whose job is cleaning up planets that have been overrun by pesky aliens.

When you first fire up Catcha Catcha Aliens you’re introduced to the game in an interesting fashion. I won’t ruin it, but I will say it was a pleasant surprises for this sci-fi fan. After a brief intro you’re dropped into some tutorial levels where you’ll learn the basics of the game. Pretty standard stuff although you’ll be using a net and running up behind monsters instead of shooting at them. That being said, Catcha Catcha Aliens has a lot going for it. The voice acting is superb and the characters & power-ups are unique; I also thought the layout was well done as you’ll actually play levels instead of one big area, and each level comes with its own set of mini-challenges.

Catcha Catcha Aliens is a great new running game, and a breath of fresh air considering all the runners we’ve seen lately. I wish this one would have come out a little sooner or later though, as dropping a running game the same week as Temple Run Oz probably isn’t the wisest idea. If you’re into running games Catcha Catcha Aliens is a game you’ll want to check out and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Catcha Catcha Aliens

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