Friday, March 15, 2013

The Gamebakers Squids Wild West gallops onto Android

The Gamebakers Squids Wild West gallops onto Android


Squids was one of the best RPG’s on Android last year, and last week Strastar Communications released the sequel dubbed Squids Wild West. The publisher may have changed, but Squids Wild West is just as solid as the original.squids.wild.west-1

Squids Wild West picks up after the events of the original game as the band of Squids have headed westward to fight the Black Ooze and search for their lost comrade Winnick. The gameplay stays the same which means you’ll still get to fling squids around by their arms, gear your squad up for battle, and collect all sorts of powerful hats. Squids Wild West has a quirky new underwater Western theme which can only mean one thing… Seahorses. Yup, you’ll get to ride seahorses around underwater and they’ll come in extremely handy in some of the game’s tougher missions. You’re also going to get 4 new characters and a slew of new missions to take on. Good stuff…

I wanted to cover this one last week, but the initial release was a bit buggy in spots. I fired it up again yesterday and I’m happy to report that everything works flawlessly now as I’ve been flinging Squids around with reckless abandon.  If you’re looking for a game with depth, humor, rock solid gameplay, and a great storyline look no further than the Gamebakers Squids Wild West. There’s an regular version of Squids WW you can pick up for $ 1.99 while the HD version will only set you back $ 2.99. Both versions of Squids Wild West are available for download on Google Play.

Squids Wild West

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