Monday, March 25, 2013

Google+ for Android updated for better mobile experience

Google+ for Android updated for better mobile experience

Available now in Google Play, Google+ for Android will see its first major update in a while to version 3.6. The update features a handful of usability tweaks, including enhanced community management, some small changes to your newsfeed, and changes to the way media and links are handled.

Fully detailed on the Google+ blog, the latest version of the Google+ app for Android ushers in some welcome changes to the service. A lot of the changes are subtle, but together add up to a much better experience. For example, posts in your timeline now include more text, in both the original message and comments. And media, including things like links, pictures and videos, are now instantly accessible right from your timeline with a single tap. You no longer have to open the original message, then tap again. Neither are exactly earth shattering changes, but both are essential to making your time spent within the app more enjoyable.

Other changes include the ability to limit the amount of content seen from communities directly from the app, send community invites, and use the full suite of community moderation tools. You can now share your location, with customized visibility options. And finally, there have been some layout changes involving the +1 and share button. iOS users have gained access to basic Snapseed-style photo editing from directly within the app, but at this time, Android users have been left behind.

The update to Google+ for Android is available for download now. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think.

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