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Galaxy S IV to include Floating Touch technology

Galaxy S IV to include Floating Touch technology

There are less than 6 days left for the official unveiling of the Galaxy S IV and yet here we are swimming in leaked info and rumors. Today we have a rumor which suggests that the flagship smartphone from Samsung will have “floating touch”, a feature which was previously seen on the Xperia Sola. Just for the sake of keeping you updated, the Galaxy S IV is supposed to come in two models. One model will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor while the other will have Exynos 5 Octa chip. Chances are, U.S will get the Qualcomm model while the rest of the world may get to play with the Exynos one.

Sam Mobile has a source which says that Samsung is working on two Galaxy S IV models. One will be touting an LCD display with a Qualcomm chip; the other will feature the traditional AMOLED screen with Exynos 5 Octa. It is not stated if Samsung will release both or just one. The leak also says that the flagship smartphone from Samsung will feature floating touch technology which will allow users to “use” the smartphone without actually touching it. While this may seem like magic to some, the technology has been previously implemented on Xperia Sola, a mid-ranged device.

Floating Touch works by detecting the electrical field emitted by your fingers, the sensors are powerful enough to detect the field even if the finger is a few centimeters away. This is the same type of tech which enables the Air View featured in Galaxy Note 2, but this time around instead of the S-Pen you will be able to hover your fingertips. There will be a lot of possible implementations for Floating Touch, and we are sure that the Korean manufacturer will make sure you know them all. The Galaxy S IV is shaping up to be a crazy awesome device, and we can hardly wait for March 14th.

Source: Sammobile

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