Thursday, March 14, 2013

EightyEight Games releases 10000000 for Android

EightyEight Games releases 10000000 for Android

We told you it was coming soon, and now it has arrived. EightyEight Games 10000000 popped up on Google Play early this morning and your free time is getting ready to take a massive hit.

10000000 is a crazy mash-up of several genres including match-3 games, dungeon crawlers, endless runners, and Rpg’s. That may sound like a lot to deal with, and it is at times, but we guarantee you’ll never play anything like it. The game basically has you running through a dungeon while “attempting” to make matches on the bottom half of the screen. If you hit a door or chest you’ll need to match 3 keys, and if there’s a monster you’ll want to match swords or staves. Simple concept, but the gameplay is unreal as you have to do all this while you’re running and the only time you stop is when you hit an enemy or an obstacle. As for that tricky name… that’s the amount of points you’ll need to get to escape the dungeon.

I’ve been playing 10000000 for Android several hours a day since I got my copy a few weeks back and it does not disappoint. It’s quickly become my favorite puzzler and it’s a game EVERYONE needs to check out as it touches on so many different genres. It’s frustrating as hell at times, but its loads of fun and it’s a steal at only $ 1.99. We’ll have a full review of this one next week, until then we highly advise you to check it out.

10000000 for Android

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