Friday, March 1, 2013

Crescent Moon Games releases Zen Training for Android

Crescent Moon Games releases Zen Training for Android

Crescent Moon Games is on a roll. Yesterday we talked about Slingshot Racing, and today we’re back to let you know about Zen Training their new puzzler that’s all about mana stones and maple trees.

Zen Training is a puzzle game set in a Japanese Zen Garden with a single Maple Tree and “pads” on the ground. The Maple tree is full of colored stones and you’ll have to put them into their proper spots on the ground. The tree is stable and you’ll rotate the background in order to drop to stones into place; you’ll pick up combos for doing well and stones shatter if you foul things up. They mention in the games description that there’s a rhythm type of element to things, but I really didn’t notice one other than the sounds the stones make when they hit their spots.

I played the iOS version of this one briefly when it was released, and just noticed the Android version was out this morning. I assume they are basically identical, but I have not tried the Android version out yet. As for the game, it’s interesting but I’m not sure if Zen is a word I would use to describe it. No free version of Zen Training is available, but you can check out the full version for $ 0.99.

Zen Training

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