Friday, March 8, 2013

Path Android app update brings private messaging and other cool features

Path Android app update brings private messaging and other cool features

Among the social networking apps that I’ve installed and tried using on my smartphone, Path is one of those who managed to stay on while others simply fade away into oblivion. Thanks to Facebook and Google+, other social networking sites have died down immediately after they’ve been launched.

Thankfully for Path, it’s inherent exclusiveness to select invididuals, your so-called “close friends”, the service manages to live on.

And thanks as well to its mobile apps on both iOS and Android, the interest with Path has not died down. Proof of that is the latest update to the Path mobile apps which brings in some new, cool features that may or may not interest you at all. But it did piqued my interest and made me to check out Path on my Galaxy S3

path android app

right away.

So the new features of Path Android app include Private Messaging. This feature allows you to message your friends and family on a one-to-one basis not only with words but with voice, location info, media, stickers and more.

Sending messages containing voice, location info and other media are free. As for stickers, which in case you’re not aware are handcrafted stickers by Path artists, these can be purchased from the Path shop for a price. If you want to get a grip of how these stickers look like, there are some designs which can be used freely.

Aside from stickers, you can also purchase photo filters from the Path shop. I don’t why Path took this business model considering that there are other photography apps which offer filters for free, well we will see whether this feature will take off.

The updated Path Android app is available now for free from Google Play.

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