Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Google Play throws a Big Birthday Sale!

Google Play throws a Big Birthday Sale!

Google Play turned 1 year old this week, and to celebrate they’ve decided to throw a Google Play Birthday Sale. The sale will last all week and we’re going to take a look at some of the offerings that have been announced so far.

First up are gift card offerings. You can get a $ 15 dollar gift card with your first purchase through the Fancy app or 10% off if you book a room through the app. Last but not least, you can pick up a $ 20 in free gift cards from Gyft. If you’re not in the mood to shop you can always check out a flick. We didn’t come across any free movies, but there’s a slew of $ 0.99 rentals and you can pick up Kung Fu Panda for half off if you want to buy a movie. The TV side of things is much, much better as you’ll get to choose from around 70 different TV episodes and all of them are totally free. Very nice.

As for the games several developers have gotten in on the action and you’ll get birthday themed offerings from games like Shipwrecked, Zenonia 5, Campus Life, Tiny Castle, and Yumby Smash. The offerings vary from Android costumes and characters to special levels and decorations.  There’s music as well, but no great deals as most of the albums you’ll want are going to be around $ 6-7 bucks.

We have seen better starts to Google Play sales, but there are some good offerings to be had depending on what you clicks your clock. Our standouts would be the Fancy credit, half of the TV episodes,  the free Velvet Underground track, and the new Yumby Smash character. The Sandbox level is pretty darned sweet as well. We’ll keep you updated if more deals are announced, if you want to snag some bargains just hit up the link below.

Google Play Birthday Sale

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