Thursday, March 7, 2013

Note 2 and Galaxy SIII bug, evades lockscreens

Note 2 and Galaxy SIII bug, evades lockscreens

For many of us our smartphones are homes to sensitive personal information, and the lockscreens provide a safe sanctuary from prying eyes. Unfortunately, the Galaxy SIII bug is looking to ruin that feeling of peace and harmony for the existing owners. That’s not all; the Galaxy SIII bug is also viable on the Galaxy Note 2 smartphones. The fact that the Korean manufactured smartphones are immensely popular makes the exploit an even more large scale epidemic.

Terence Eden found out that by following some very simple steps, he was able to completely bypass the lock screen securities on both the smartphones. By using the Galaxy SIII bug, Terence Eden was able to unlock the smartphones with relative ease, and has posted the whole process on his personal blog. Here is the guide if you want to try out the Galaxy SIII bug for yourself:

  1. Lock your phone, like you normally do
  2. Turn on the display
  3. Tap on Emergency Call
  4. Select Emergency Contacts option placed at the bottom left
  5. Push the Home button
  6. Quickly tap on any widget or app displayed on your home screen

I assure you that this method is legitimate (as in working, not legal), as many including me were able to replicate the Galaxy SIII bug and unlock their phones. While it took a while to nail the processes right, I was able to unlock my Galaxy SIII on the fifth attempt. The combo is quite tricky and requires timing, but once you get the hang of it, its smooth sailing from there. Similarly a friend was able to the same with his Galaxy Note 2. While Terence says that “there is no way to secure your phone”, we beg to differ. Sure any type of lock screen security will succumb to the Galaxy SIII bug, but that doesn’t mean you can leave your phone unattended. Like we always say, YOU are the best line of defense against external intrusions, so if you see anyone fondling with your Galaxy device be sure to punch em. We will update you if Samsung has some remedy.

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