Sunday, March 31, 2013

Run for your Life in PikPok’s Into the Dead for Android

Run for your Life in PikPok’s Into the Dead for Android

into the dead android

PikPok is well known for their flick kick sporting games, but they switched things up last week with their release of Into the Dead. It’s about as different as you can get from the developers previous titles, and it’s one of the coolest Zombie games you’re likely to find on Google Play.into.the.dead-1

Into the Dead is an endless runner set in a world where the dead have taken over. It’s a dark world, full of sorrow (and zombies) and it’s also a world where there are no second chances â€" if you falter you’re zombie food. The gameplay is pretty straightforward in as far as running games are concerned as you can tilt or touch to move side to side and away from the zombies. What makes the game really stand out is the atmosphere. Into the Dead is the spookiest zombie game you’ll find and the setting reminds me of a few of those creepy Slender Man games which definitely isn’t a bad thing. Another thing that sets the game apart from the pack is the use of weapons. You will be able to fight back somewhat, but ammo and weapons are in short supply just as they would be in a real zombie apocalypse. It’s definitely not wise to blast away with abandon as you’re going to want to conserve your precious ammo.

I make it a point to play every (decent) zombie game that hits Google Play, and Into the Dead is a breath of fresh air. The game is very well done and running towards or through zombies instead of away from them is a nice touch. The controls have felt a little sticky at times, but overall it’s a cool zombie game and something you’ll definitely want to check out if you dig the undead or endless runners. You can pick up PikPok’s Into the Dead for free on Google Play.

Into the Dead

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