Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gameloft looks to be gearing up for an Iron Man 3 Android Game Tomorrow

Gameloft looks to be gearing up for an Iron Man 3 Android Game Tomorrow

Gameloft Iron Man 3

Yesterday Gameloft dropped an interesting tweet, followed by an even more interesting picture. Recognize those glowing eyes in the picture? If you don’t, you’re obviously not a fan of old Shellhead and are in the dark about the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie.

Gameloft has released several movie tie-in games over the past few years, and if the twit-pic and message of “Warming up the main core…” is to be believed we’ll be seeing an Iron Man game in the very near future to promote the upcoming film Iron Man 3. Gameloft had a huge leak late last year when its 2013 catalog of upcoming games was leaked online. While the list was quickly yanked from every site on the web, there we’re several movie tie-in games on there and it’s something Gameloft has done before.  No further information has been released, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Gameloft will drop an Iron Man game sometime tomorrow just as the date in the picture implies.

Gameloft did a great job with their Batman & Spider-Man games so taking on Iron Man is only natural. The type of Iron Man 3 game we’ll see is what’s up in the air as it could be anything from an Action & Arcade game to a Building game or a Flying game… my money’s on the last one. We’ll let you know as soon as the game is released; hopefully it’ll be a game that keeps ol’ Shellhead’s fans happy…

Source â€" Gameloft via Twitter

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