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Developers Don’t Like Programming Android Games

Developers Don’t Like Programming Android Games

sad android | developers don't like programming android gamesIt might sound hard to believe, but at currently most programmers don’t like developing games for Android or its devices. Why? Two main reasons: Firstly, many developers just find it difficult to program games on Android, but that is attributed to the fact that Android is still a fairly young mobile OS. Developers had said the same about the Apple mobile OS when it was young, between Apple and developers working at it the Apple OS became a great mobile OS to develop games for. The second complaint that many developers have with the Android OS is that the graphics aren’t the best for many types of mobile games. Android might have 3D abilities now, but compared to the graphics of an iPhone they aren’t great.

So that’s the current complaint that many mobile game developers are having with Android. As of now only 26% of developers actually prefer working with Android. But that number is expected to change to 60% or more within the next couple of years.

The reason that so many more developers will be more willing to work with the Android OS in the coming years is mostly because Android is dominating the mobile technology market, and this isn’t expected to change. Since there are more Androids out there, it makes more sense in a marketing aspect if developers design more for the OS that is the most popular.

So expect a few things to start happening in the next few years with Android: One, more developers will design bigger and better games because Android is the most popular OS and that’s holding strong. Two, more Android devices means more places for markets to target consumers. And Three, Android will likely become more ‘developer friendly’ to allow developers to design the greatness they can.

Some users just haven’t yet grasped the fact that Android as a mobile Operating System is still new and young compared to its competitors. In time, (probably not too much time) an Android device will be capable of things never dreamed of by developers.

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