Monday, March 25, 2013

Evernote for Android gets an Update and New Features

Evernote for Android gets an Update and New Features

evernote-androidEvernote is one of the most popular Android apps around and today it just got a nice update to Evernote 5.0. The Android app is getting a new look, and some cool new features to boot.evernote-1

Evernote 5 is a big update that gives the app a slick new look, and adds several cool new camera features including Multi-Shot and Page Camera. Multi-shot lets you take multiple pictures and save them to a single note while the Page Camera mode allows you to take pictures of text which turns your phone into a mini-scanner. You can tweak the settings to line things up properly and remove any shadows from your “scanned” text so it will be easier to read.

They’ve also upgraded the Evernote app to work with the Evernote’s Smart Notebook line by Moleskin, and have added Document Search for Premium users. Last but not least, everyone will have access to “shortcuts” which will let you jump to notes, tags, and notebooks in the blink of an eye. Shorcuts will also sync across all the platforms you use Evernote on.

The Evernote update is a doozy, and it’s being released a week after Google dropped their note taking app Google Keep. Its good timing, and a great way to keep Evernote users from making the jump. If you don’t have it installed already, you can pick up Evernote for free on Google Play.


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