Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S IV Video Leaks Online

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S IV Video Leaks Online

The rumor mill is working overtime as we’re now only a few days away from the announcement of the Galaxy S IV. The Samsung Galaxy S IV Video leak is the latest rumor to hit the web and if it’s true you may be getting a glimpse of the final design of the Galaxy S IV.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV video hit the web not long after Samsung officially released a shadowy glimpse of the upcoming superphone. The video comes from the same folks who posted the images yesterday and appears to show the same Chinese variant of the Galaxy S IV that has whipped the web into a frenzy. While the video isn’t long, it does show the dual-sim device booting up, some camera functions, the battery and gives folks a quick glimpse of the UI.

As an owner of the Samsung Galaxy SIII I can certainly see the similarities between the rumored S4 and the S3, but who knows with Samsung as they did a pretty good job keeping the S III under wraps. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Galaxy S IV will be pretty darned close to the S III as far as the design goes. It will definitely be more powerful under the hood, but I personally don’t think they’ll change the look much until the Galaxy S5 which we’ll see around this time next year. Either way, there’s only a few more days until we see the final design of the highly anticipated Galaxy S IV and we’ll be here to fill you in on the details as soon as it drops.

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