Sunday, March 3, 2013

Leap Motion Gesture Controller set to change the Game and your PC

Leap Motion Gesture Controller set to change the Game and your PC

Ever wanted to control your PC without actually touching it? Leap Motion is set to make that a reality and it looks to be one of the more promising motion controlled setups we’ve seen. It’s basically like having a Kinect hooked up to your PC or Mac, and it can track individual finger movements to one-hundredth of a millimeter. At this time it has absolutely nothing to do with Android, but it’s such a promising new tech we had to spread the word.

Leap Motion hooks directly into your PC or Mac via USB and it’s a lot smaller than you’d think. The device is only about the size of a standard flash drive and it brings touch-free 3D motion sensing technology to the table just like you’ve seen in popular movies like Minority Report. While we have no idea how this actually works (Arcane magic?), everyone that’s tried Leap Motion has raved about it and it’s one of the most highly anticipated gadgets set to come out this year.

So what can you do with your fancy new motion controlled computer? You can sign forms or create artwork in the air with your finger or a pencil. You’ll be able to play shooters with your finger, and truly get “hands on” in 3D modeling software. The possibilities are endless when you consider casual applications and technical uses like engineering, surgery, and game design. Navigation your PC or Mac will be a breeze with Leap Motion, although you may look a little nuts when the average person sees you waving and twitching your finger at the screen.

While Leap Motion looks to be a mini-Kinect it’s going to be extremely accurate and it’s great that you’ll be able to control things with your fingers instead of your arm. Another great selling point is the price; Leap Motion won’t break the bank as it will only set you back £52.61/$ 79.00. So when will you be able to get this amazing device? Soon, pre-orders are live and will start shipping out on May 13th. You’ll also be able to pick one up at Best Buy for the same price oddly enough. While we don’t think this is going to replace the mouse just yet, but it will be interesting to see how things shake out.

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