Friday, March 22, 2013

Google Play set to get a whole new look with Google Play 4.0

Google Play set to get a whole new look with Google Play 4.0

new-google-play23Google shocked us all when they changed the Android market into the Play Store, and they’re set to raise a few eyebrows with the Google Play 4.0 update. There’s no name change this time around, just a major facelift that leaves the Play Store with a fancy new

Google has decided to forgo the old dark look of the Play Store and is set to replace it with a clean white interface with a minimalistic feel. As you can clearly see the UI has been totally revamped. Droid Life did a great preview of the new Interface and as you can see from their screens, the new look is quite different from the old. We did a quick comparison between the two and as you can see the changes are major. The new interface has more of a Holo feel than the old one, and everything is cleaner, easier to read and has bigger pictures.  Not too shabby to say the least.

There’s no word as to when the Google Play 4.0 update will grace our screens, but you can bet it will be part of Key Lime Pie when it’s released. I’m guessing we’ll see it before that, and we are looking forward to the clean new look whenever it arrives. How do you feel about the new look? Did you enjoy the dark or are you ready for a change?

Source â€" Droid Life

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