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Namco Bandai’s releases Pac-Man Tournaments for Android

Namco Bandai’s releases Pac-Man Tournaments for Android

In 1980 world got its first glimpse of Pac-Man and it’s been a mainstay in gaming and pop-culture ever since. Pac-Man Tournaments is the latest attempt to bring old chompy into modern times and I’m happy to say Namco Bandai has done a smashing job with the newest iteration of Pac-Man.pac-man tournaments

Pac-Man Tournaments is a reproduction of the classic Pac-Man game with a few new features thrown in. The classic mode is still the same as you remember it complete with all your ghostly pals and all 255 levels. Well, 256 if you can manage to make it to the kill screen. Good luck with that… While reaching the kill screen is impossible for most mere mortals, playing the game on a touchscreen is not as Namco nailed the virtual d-pad in Pac-Man Tournaments. It’s very responsive, and I’ve done a lot better than I thought I would do with my scores. Well done.

Now for what’s different. Obviously the tournament mode is new and it offers up new mazes and bonus items. You’ll get to play a warm up tournament game for free, but will have to sign-up to gain full access. It’s free though and well worth it as you’ll get to play in the tourneys which currently have 12 new mazes spanning 12 rounds of play. There’s also a fancy new profile section that tracks your stats in classic and tournament mode; it’s pretty cool to be able to see how many fruits you’ve eaten and there are a slew of achievements to strive for.pac-man tournaments for android

Pac-Man Tournaments is a fun romp through a classic video game that a lot of folks may have forgotten about. I was a little hesitant to give it a go at first as I love my memories of playing on an arcade cabinet vs a touchscreen phone. Namco nailed the controls though, and the addition of the tournament is pretty damned cool. Needless to say, there are a lot of awesome Pac-Man players already tearing it up, just check out the leaderboards. If you want to give it a go (you know you do) you can pick up Namco Bandai’s Pac-Man Tournaments for free on Google Play.

Pac-Man Tournaments

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