Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chameleon Launcher for Android smartphone now available on Google Play

Chameleon Launcher for Android smartphone now available on Google Play

cchameleon launcher for phoneChameleon Launcher, an alternative app for the stock Android home screen has been around Google Play for quite some time now. But only a select few can download the app back then. Now, as the new version of Chameleon Launcher has been released, the download restriction has been lifted. In addition, a new version made specifically for Android smartphone was also outed.

Priced a bit lower than the tablet version, Chameleon Launcher for Phone lets you create multiple home screens, set the layout of widgets and apps that you’re going to put on it and is a context-based home screen system, giving you relevant information that automatically updates for as long as your device is connected online.

You’ve probably used this kind of home replacement app before. But if you haven’t, well, don’t worry because setting up and using Chameleon Launcher is pretty easy.

There are currently a dozen of widgets available by default in addition to the stock Android widgets that are available on your device. Aside from adding widgets to your device’s home screen, Chameleon Launcher also lets you change wallpapers. The app also lets you create your own widget.

Another nice feature of Chameleon Launcher is that you can create several dashboard or home screen and add widgets on it as well which are different on what are contained in the default homescreen.

Chameleon Launcher is a pretty nice home replacement app packed with features that most of us have been looking for in an app like this. It’s available now from Google Play for $ 2.91. If you don’t mind spending that much for a home replacement app, then go ahead and grab it now.

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