Sunday, March 3, 2013

Magma Mobile releases Empire Conquest for Android

Magma Mobile releases Empire Conquest for Android

Empire Conquest is the latest from the minds at Magma Mobile, and it’s an interesting turn-based strategy game with elements of a fantasy RPG.

Empire Conquest is a board game of sorts that has you go to battle on playing fields that span several different castles. Each stage requires you to take out your opponent in turn-based combat, and you’ll have several different types of warriors at your disposal. Your gunslinger can take out enemies from a distance while your warrior is good if you need to get in close for a kill. The RPG elements come into play through Empire Conquest’s shops. This is where you can upgrade your heroes, buy power-ups and learn new attacks. There’s quite a bit to tinker with in the shops, and there are around 20 achievements to shoot as well.

Empire Conquest is a nice strategy game although I’d hesitate to compare it to chess as you only have a few heroes to play with from what I’ve seen so far. The game does seem to have a ton of depth though as there are 11 castles to battle through and most have between 15-20 levels each. If you’re looking for a good turn-based strategy game Empire Conquest is definitely worth check out and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Empire Conquest

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