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The MiiPC brings a kid friendly Android PC to the table for $99

The MiiPC brings a kid friendly Android PC to the table for $99


There are a lot of Kid Friendly PC’s out there, but the MiiPC is looking to change the game with its tiny footprint and choice of operating system. It’s going to run Android 4.2, and it’s got some great features that will make sure your kid stays on track and doesn’t end up in the darker parts of the internet.

The MiiPC gives kids easy access to the internet where they’ll be able to do all the usual things like play games, watch videos, browse the web, and run Android apps. Yup, it comes with Google Play installed which is pretty darned awesome. The MiiPC has several features to make parents feel better when they’re out and about,  including the ability to let parents switch the PC off remotely and monitor what’s going on why their kids are online. Being able to remote-kill your kids’ Android computer is a pretty slick move, but the MiiPC mobile app ups the ante.MiiPC-1

When you buy a MiiPC you’ll get a companion app that lets you monitor usage in real-time from your Android or iOS device. You’ll be able to see the sites or apps they’re using while you’re on the go, and you can even monitor individual usage across multiple devices to ensure everyone gets their own time at the PC. If you’ve got kids, you already know how nasty they can get over computer usage. Not fun.

Under the hood the MiiPC will have a Marvell ARMADA Family Series Dual Core 1.2GHz processor, with 1GB of DDR RAM, and 4GB of internal flash storage. The device  is designed to give you a “big screen” experience in a small package as it has an HDMI port for 1080p. It’s also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 so you can use your favorite wireless mouse & keyboard setup from the comfort of your couch.miiPC

ZeroDesktop is the company behind the MiiPC, and they’ve already raised $ 27.000 of their $ 50,000 goal with 44 days left to go. If you’re interested in the kid friendly PC you can pledge $ 89 bucks for an early bird special while spots still remain or you can check out the other backing levels. The first early bird specials are set to roll out this July. The MiiPC will be sold through other channels after the Kickstarter campaign is completed, but no price point or dates have been set.

MiiPC Kickstarter

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