Thursday, March 7, 2013

Glu Mobile releases Gun Bros 2 for Android

Glu Mobile releases Gun Bros 2 for Android

The brutal brothers are back in action once again as Glu Mobile has just unleashed Gun Bros 2 for Android. It’s F.R.A.G.G.E.D. vs. T.O.O.L. part deux, and this time around you won’t have to wait to get in on the multiplayer action.

If you played the original Gun Bros, you’ll have no trouble getting down to business in the sequel as the gameplay stays the same. You still shoot with one stick and move with the other, but the guns, bad guys, and bosses are all bigger and badder. You’ll get new weapons, and new mods for those weapons so you can take down beastly bosses like The Broliminator and The Pus Titan. Gun Bros 2 has multiple game modes, real-time multiplayer, and Honey Badger tanks for those times when you really want to tear things up.

Fans of Percy and Francis can rest easy now that Gun Bros 2 for Android has finally been released. The game is just as much fun as the original, but with improved graphics and cool new gear. I’ve been playing with this one on & off since it was released, and so far it’s run great on my Galaxy S3 with no lag. We’ll have a full rundown of this bad boy next week, until then I highly advise you to check it out for yourself. You can pick up Glu Mobile’s Gun Bros 2 for free on Google Play.

Gun Bros 2

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