Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Official 9GAG Android App hits Google Play

The Official 9GAG Android App hits Google Play


If you like humor chances are you’ve heard of a site called 9GAG. If you haven’t browsed the site you really don’t know what you’re missing, but now’s your chance to find out with the official 9GAG Android app.9gag.android.app

9GAG is a great source for humor on the net including fail pics, Rage comics, and Memes of course. Lots and lots of Memes. The 9GAG Android app basically lets you browse the site from your mobile where you can vote, share, and comment on all sorts of hilarious pics. Does the Kim Jong Un as Cartman pic make you giggle? The 9gag app will let you upvote or downvote it, share it or give it the old Facebook like. You can browse pictures through the Hot or Trending tabs, but that’s about it as there is no search functionality at the moment.

There are other 9GAG apps out there, but it’s nice to see an “official” app from the site itself. That being said, its pretty barebones considering they left out search functionality, and you can’t share pics as images, you just link to them. Is it still worth checking out? Most definitely, just free up some time first as the site is a Grade A time killer. You can pick up the official 9GAG Android app for free on Google Play.


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