Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google releases Keep, a brand-new note-taking Android app

Google releases Keep, a brand-new note-taking Android app


It’s not very often that we see Google releases an Android app that is as simple and yet useful as the new Keep for Android. Said app which is available now on Google Play is a pretty simple note-taking app in the likes of Evernote, Any.Do and other which allows you to keep tabs of your thoughts be it in the form of text, voice or photos.Keep Android app stores your notes in the cloud giving you access no matter what device you are using for as long you connect your Google account with the app.

Using Keep is pretty simple. The main window contains the type of notes that you can make as represented by their respective icons. These include the usual notes which can either be text, sound, or photos. Then you can also create checklists. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you can make video notes as well?

Keep Android app’s interface is pretty simple which is of course Google’s trademark for its various mobile apps and services. But since, note-taking itself is a pretty boring tasks, Google tries to make Keep Android a bit more fun by letting you color code your notes. So much so that when you’ve created dozens of notes, the app’s main window will be more pleasing to look at with the different notes arranged in a grid of blocks with different colors.

There are a few more tricks that Keep Android app can do and will leave it up to you to discover since we don’t want to take away the fun part of discovering what this app can do.

Suffice to say, Keep Android app is a dead-simple, yet useful and interesting Android app. Hopefully Google will try to improve it some more and perhaps make it a bigger threat to Evernote, the king of mobile note-taking Android apps.

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