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Top New Android Apps of the Week – January 13, 2013

Top New Android Apps of the Week â€" January 13, 2013

Top New Android Apps January 2013

1. EasyNote Notepad | To Do List

Looking for a new Notepad or To Do List app? If so you should check out EasyNote Notepade | To Do List from Perfectionholic Apps. The app lets you quickly put together important notes or task lists, the notes can be organized by color, and you can even sticky a note to your home screen as a widget. It’s a slick little notepad app and it’s free to download.

2. Kickstalker Kickstarter Client

As popular as Kickstarter is their mobile interface is lacking and there’s no official app which is kind of funny all things considered. If you browse the site a lot you’ll definitely want to check out Kickstalker Kickstarter Client from TGM. The app is a work in progress but already you’ll be able to access details on projects, stalk creators and people who’ve commented on backed projects, and “star” projects. It even has a basic widget for specific projects… nice start dev. The Kickstalker Kickstarter Client is free to download on Google Play.

3. InstaFollow for Instagram

Want to figure out who un-followed you on Instagram? With InstaFollow for Instagram you can do just that as the app allows you to get lists of your followers before using it’s magic to tell you who’s not following you anymore so you can un-follow them. It’s a handy app to have if you’re into Instagram and it’s free to download on Google Play.

4. Unify: Unit Currency Converter

Conversion tools are always handy to have on your phone, and Unify: Unit Currency Converter is one of the better ones we’ve seen of late. The apps will convert a whopping 160 currencies and all kinds of units from like Kilometers, Cubic Feet, Hectare, Feet per Second, and Horsepower… that’s just a small sampling of what it can convert. You can pick up betaapps Unify: Unit Currency Converter for free on Google Play.

5. Family by Sygic

Safety is a key issue to a lot of parents and families these days, especially keeping track of the kids. Family by Sygic can assist you with that as it uses that magic called a GPS to allow you to see where family members are and can send and SOS if needed. You can setup Geofence’s, alerts if they go somewhere they shouldn’t be, and check-ins to let people know where you are. I haven’t tried this one out yet, but will be giving it a full review as soon as I can borrow some of my friends’ kids.

6. Intel VIP Tech Zone

The Intel VIP Tech Zone app keeps you informed on the latest from Intel.  There’s tons of gaming news relating to professional gamers, leagues, and teams including gaming events and player data. You’ll also get info on the latest products and access to contests where you can win cool swag. People have reported having issues with the app and I did as well, but things have straightened out for me since and it runs well now. If you want to give it a go you can pick up the Intel VIP Tech Zone app for free on Google Play.

7. Talking Nibbler

Talking Nibbler is a talking character app that lets you play around with a Gremlin like creature with a quirky voice. Nothing groundbreaking as we see these types of apps frequently, but we’ll admit Nibbler is cute and quite a bit of fun to play with. The app does use a lot of permissions, but nothing too sinister according to good ol’ Appbrain. Talking Nibbler is free to download on Google Play.

8. eHotbird

eHotbird is a handy little app for satellite owners that gives you the latest frequencies to go along with a huge channels database. You can search for almost any channel to obtain its frequency, add channels to your favorites, and new channels are added every week. If you’re rocking a dish it’s an app that’s well worth checking out.

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