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Swing Around and Fight Chickens in Super Knights for Android

Swing Around and Fight Chickens in Super Knights for Android

Super Knight Chillingo

Chillingo has put out some great games over the past few months and their latest goes by the name of Super Knights. It’s a tale of knights, princesses, and giant thieving chickens…super knights for android

Super Knights is one of those games that throws you into the fire without much explanation. It’s not a bad thing in this case as the first time you pull off a successful rope swing and get a Fiesta you’ll be hooked. Each stage has a number of anchor points and you can latch onto one by tapping a button on the screen. There are gems scattered around each anchor point and you’ll want to loop around to pick them up before released and grabbing on to the next anchor. Pretty basic actually, but that’s the last time you’ll hear my use the word “basic” when describing Super Knights.

Your night mainly gets about by swinging, but you can also bounce him off of walls or off the ground. He’s pretty tough. He also rides a huge flying chicken of sorts to get from one level to the next, and as awesome as he sounds he’s not indestructible. I have yet to figure out exactly what’s killing my knight, but I think it comes from the sky due to the big red looking arrow shape that hangs over my head before I lose a life. Did I mention that there are Princesses trapped in cages in most levels? Well there are, and you’ll also see swarms of jewel thieving chickens appear towards the end of each level. I believe there’s someone peering out of castle windows as well, but I’ve yet to get a good look at them.super knights for android

Super Knights is truly a blast to play, and I’m glad Dancing Dots Studio and Chillingo put the game out there for folks to enjoy. I’ve only made it to the 5th castle and past the first set of challenges so while I’m not sure how deep the game is, I’m looking forward to finding out. Check back next week for a full review, until then I highly advise you to head on over to Google Play where you can pick up Super Knights for free.

Super Knights


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