Monday, January 28, 2013

A&E’s Ice Road Truckers Game slides on to Google Play

A&E’s Ice Road Truckers Game slides on to Google Play

A&E has some great shows and if you’re a fan of Ice Road Truckers you’re in for a treat. A few days back Ice Road Truckers the game hit Google Play and now you can hit the ice with Hugh, Lisa, and Alex.

The Ice Road Truckers game puts you behind the wheel of a big rig and onto the icy roads. It’s an endless driving game of sorts where your only goal is to keep the truck in one piece while seeing how long you can drive. You’ll also want to try and snag any coins you find along the way for use in the Truck Store. The gameplay is simple as you just need to tap on the left or right sides of the screen to steer; holding both sides of the screen gives you a turbo boost which you’ll need if you want to clear the big jumps. In the extras department Ice Road Truckers offers up three unlockable characters to go along with a few power-ups and single use items.

Ice Road Truckers is a slick looking game that fans of the show should enjoy for some quick fun. That being said, I don’t feel like casual gamers are going to really dig this one as there isn’t much depth and there’s no demo that lets you try before you buy. If you’re a fan of the show or just want to drive a truck around on some ice you can pick up A&E’s Ice Road Truckers on Google Play for $ 0.99.

Ice Road Truckers

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