Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Google touches on the future of Motorola, Nexus 4 shortages

Google touches on the future of Motorola, Nexus 4 shortages

Revenue and profits weren’t the only thing discussed during Google’s Q4 earnings call. Google executives touched on everything from the success of their core services and the evolution of search, to the future of Motorola hardware, to the high prioritization of sorting out the Nexus 4?s availability problems.

Speaking on the Nexus 4, Google CEO Larry Page made it clear that Google is aware of the issues consumers are facing with low availability levels, saying “clearly there’s work to be done managing our supply better, and that is priority to our teams.” In an interview last week, LG Mobile France director Cathy Robin said inventory should stabilize by mid-Feburary.

Larry Page and Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette also had plenty to say on Motorola, sharing some words on where they want to focus on hardware, and the progress they’ve made within Motorola.

Both Page and Pichette made comments on how Google’s relationship with Motorola is still in its infancy. So far, much of what Google’s done with Motorola is directly related to restructuring. In 2012, Google sold off Motorola’s Home division, laid off employees associated with the department and launched the rest of the hardware Motorola had planned before the acquisition.

In the past, Google was staunch on the position that the two companies would operate separately. But it looks like behind the scenes, that may be changing. Page spent time talking about where Google and Motorola want to improve hardware, and where current smartphones are lacking.

Battery life is a huge issue. You shouldn't have to worry about constantly recharging your phone. When you drop your phone, it shouldn't go splat. Everything should be a ton faster and easier. There’s real potential to invent new and better experiences.Larry PageGoogle

For the past several months now, there’s been a rumor developing surrounding Motorola’s first phone under Google’s guidance, known only as Motorola X Phone. According to DroidLife, Motorola X Phone will be announced at Google I/O in May, sold through Google Play near current Nexus prices, and will be available for every carrier in the US. When used with Verizon, a monthly fee will be charged for unlocking the bootloader. It will be sold with some carrier enhancements, or bloatware, on top of stock Android, but that will be able to be removed once unlocked.

If the Motorola X Phone turns out to be real, don’t be surprised if battery life and enhanced durability are major selling points. Even if it isn’t real, Motorola is undoubtedly working on something for 2013, and it’s been long enough so that Google’s influence should be apparent.

We can’t wait to see what Google and Motorola come up with this year. If we’re lucky, we’ll know much more by the time May rolls around.

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