Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fifth Game Studios releases Aspir o Matic for Android

Fifth Game Studios releases Aspir o Matic for Android

Yesterday we took a look at an overlooked physics-based game, and today we’re going to look at another. Fifth Game Studio’s Aspir o Matic is a quirky new physics puzzler that’s all about love, evil, and little ball shaped creatures from the planet Ploony.

Way out in space, several parsecs from Earth is a planet called Ploony that’s full of little creatures that like to roll about together and have fun. The villain of this tale is a gloomy square creature named Ombron who detests love and plans on using The Aspir O Matic to clean things up and suck the fun out of everything. As for the actual game, each level puts you in control of two smiling balls that when touched rev up like sonic the hedgehog. The goal is to send the creatures (Ploon and Plaan) towards each other and when they touch you’re able to advance to the next stage. There’s candy to collect, objects to interact with, and plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Aspir o Matic isn’t your typical physics game, but it’s quite a bit of fun and there are a slew of levels to work your way through. The gameplay is easy to pick up on and I also enjoyed the quirky style of the game, very cool. There’s no free version of the game at this time, but the full version of Fifth Game Studios Aspir O Matic is a steal at only $ 0.99.

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