Sunday, January 6, 2013

Galaxy S3 – new firmware will fix Exynos exploit and sudden death

Galaxy S3 â€" new firmware will fix Exynos exploit and sudden death

Probably during mid-December we reported about an exploit which was found in the devices which used Exynos processors. Popular devices like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 were among the list. And a few days back we did a piece on Samsung’s knowledge about the exploits and the Sudden Death Issue. Today we are happy to see that Samsung was true to its word about making a fix available as soon as possible, and is rolling out a firmware update for its flagship smartphone the Galaxy S3 in UK.

The said exploit was able to make the physical memory (RAM) open to hackers and made all the contents of the memory free to rummage in. This was a very serious security issue as the physical memory houses all the photos you recently took to credit card information. And it was all available for taking, not only that the affected devices were also open to be injected with malware. Samsung after the discovery of the exploit by XDA developer forum said that it will provide a fix as soon as possible.

The on air firmware update is said to solve the Sudden Death Syndrome plaguing the Galaxy S3s around the world, although there is no solid evidence of this. We doubt that the firmware will bring back the already fallen Galaxy S3’s back from the grave but it might help in the prevention of the horrid glitch.

Even though we are seeing the fix rolling out for the most popular Galaxy S3, we still don’t have any word about the fix’s availability on other Exynos touting devices. Other devices like the original Galaxy Note, The Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy 10.1 are also among the potentially exploitable devices. There is also no information when the firmware will be ready for other regions, but we are sure it will soon start rolling out. We will update you as soon as the firmware is available on the state side.

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