Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Sony 6.44 inch Smartphone may come Soon

A Sony 6.44 inch Smartphone may come Soon

Well here is something we were least expecting. Sony may be making a smartphone, or should we call it phablet, which will be a gigantic 6.44 inched one. Recently some photos are circulating the Chinese tech sites which are claiming to be from a smartphone under manufacturing process. The said photo is showing what appears to be a factory worker holding a huge front section of a smartphone. The Sony logo suggests it to be from a Sony 6.44 inch smartphone.

The bezels around the device seem to be very narrow and look very nice. The glass panel for the alleged Sony 6.44 inched behemoth lacks any other significant details; we don’t see any markings for capacitive buttons. This may come as no surprise that Sony is looking to dive into the phablet business too. The company stated that in previous years it had lost the touch, but now is ready to tackle the tech world again. This statement was further solidified by the launch of Sony Xperia Z smartphone and Sony Xperia Tablet Z recently; both of them are true contenders of any top tier device available.

With many manufacturers looking to dominate the large smartphone market, Sony will have a tough time dealing with already established brands. Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, Huawei Ascend Mate and Nubia Z7 are among the recently launched/announced phablet devices. Sony may be pushing the term “smartphone” by releasing a gigantic 6.44 inched device though; I for instance will not be interested in a device of such proportions. This will be a risk Sony is willing to take with its Sony 6.44 inched device, and will be quite interesting to see what sort of specifications the smartphone will launch. Remember this may never actually arrive in stores though.

Source: Gizchina and digi-wo

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