Sunday, January 13, 2013

HTC M7, Sense 5 shown off in leaked images

HTC M7, Sense 5 shown off in leaked images

With CES winding down, it feels appropriate to shift our focus back to a device that has yet to be unveiled â€" the HTC M7. Rumors of the HTC M7 have been floating around for months, but we now have the very first image of the phone and a handful of screenshots of the new HTC Sense 5 UI.

If you were hoping for a clear picture of the HTC M7, you’ll certainly be disappointed with the shot in the gallery below. The picture shows the front of a black device, but the only details we can make out are the front-facing camera (located on the top right) and speaker grill, which doesn’t resemble the micro-drilled design HTC introduced with the HTC One X.

Fortunately, the screenshots of the HTC M7 UI gives us a very good look at some of the aesthetic tweaks HTC has made to the software. At first glance, the new Sense 5 UI does look very HTC, but they have made a few subtle changes to remove at least some of the rounded corners and skeuomorphic design elements that have plagued HTC phones over the past few years. The images also confirm our source’s debunking of the on-screen system buttons rumor that popped up a few days before CES.

HTC_Sense_5_Leaked_Dialer-393x700 HTC_Sense_5_Leaked_Keyboard-393x700 htc-sense-5-keyboard More-HTC-Sense-5-Screenshots-Emerge-Online-2 More-HTC-Sense-5-Screenshots-Emerge-Online-3 More-HTC-Sense-5-Screenshots-Emerge-Online-4

If HTC is still planning to unveil and launch the M7 in Q1, we expect to see more leaked images of the phone and its user interface in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on the design of HTC Sense 5?

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