Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kill Hordes of Zombies in Call of Mini Brawlers for Android

Kill Hordes of Zombies in Call of Mini Brawlers for Android

We’ve covered most of Triniti Interactive’s Call of Mini games, and today they’ve released another one by the name of Call of Mini Brawlers. If you’re ready to slice up some Zombies keep reading as Call of Mini Brawlers is a bit different from the group’s previous of mini brawlers

Call of Mini Brawlers takes place after a leak at a nuclear power plant. Anyone who knows their horror movies knows this is a recipe for disaster and it’s no different in the game as the leak has caused town residents to become Zombies who are after your brain. The previous Call of Mini games were dual-stick shooters whereas Brawlers is a side-scrolling shootem’ up. The controls are simple as you have your forward and back arrows for movement to go along with the melee and weapons button. The levels have a cool look as well; even though the game has a different layout the levels look just as slick as they do in the other Call of Mini games.

I haven’t had much time to play Call of Mini Brawlers yet, but so far it’s been a blast… literally. You’re going to see a lot of zombie brains as you slice and shoot your way through the levels and you’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. If you enjoyed the previous games in the series or are just looking for a new Zombie shooter it’s a game definitely worth checking out. You can pick up Triniti Interactive’s Call of Mini Brawlers for free on Google Play.

Call of Mini: Brawlers

Triniti Interactive

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