Friday, January 25, 2013

Above the Clouds releases Humm Together for Android

Above the Clouds releases Humm Together for Android

If you dig social guessing games there’s a new one out you’re going to want to pay attention to. Humm Together from Above the Clouds is the latest guessing game to try its hand at the “Draw Something” style of play, but there’s no drawing involved in this one… only humming.

Humm Together has the same simple setup as Draw Something where you can go in and get in random games, invite people via Facebook, etc..etc… Once you find a partner you’re given a category and you get to choose a song. The idea is to humm the song or use la-la’s, basically anything but actual singing. If you guess your opponents song correctly you get stars as do they guess yours. As for the categories there are around 45 genres set across 4 languages with the majority being English and Russian. The actual genres run the gambit from Pop to 80s rock and Soundtracks. You start out with Pop, but can unlock more genres with stars earned in the game or bought from the shop.

Humm Together is a great game, and this is coming from a guy that can’t stand the sound of his own voice on an answering machine. I played a couple of rounds randomly and couldn’t help but grin listening to how ridiculous I sounded humming and lala’ing my way through some popular tunes. The interface is also a breeze to use, and I had no issues with the game or with finding someone to Humm against. Above the Clouds did a great job with the game, and it should be a big hit. There’s a fully functional free version of Humm Together you can check out or you can pick up the Pro version for $ 0.99.

Humm Together

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