Friday, January 18, 2013

LG clears up some Nexus 4 confusion, expects reliable inventory by mid-February

LG clears up some Nexus 4 confusion, expects reliable inventory by mid-February

The blame game surrounding the limited availability of the Nexus 4 has reached ridiculous levels. Google originally blamed LG for component shortages, then LG fired back that production was continuing on as planned. They also debunked rumors that a new Nexus was in the works, or that production had been slowed to focus on future products. So what exactly is going on? LG Mobile France director Cathy Robin sat down with to discuss the Nexus 4 among other products.

While Robin was quick to point out that Nexus 4 “supply problems are not solely related to LG,” she offered up a very reasonable explanation on why shortages have occurred. According to Robin, Google simply didn’t order nearly enough handsets, and it’s taking a while for LG to catch up. Google placed orders based on previous Nexus sales, but demand for the Nexus 4 has so far exceeded previous numbers.

For those of you still waiting to get your hands on a Nexus 4, hope is right around the corner. By mid-February, under a month from now, LG expects there to be “no more pressure” on the market. In other words, there will be ample stock available.

Other information shared on the Nexus 4 included a brief mention of sales numbers, profitability and Google’s relationship with LG. No specific sales numbers were brought up, but it was said that the estimated number of 375,000 units sold is “much lower” than actual sales. It was also said that Nexus 4s are not being sold at a loss. Google and LG have an agreement to sell the device at “very attractive price.” And as for Google’s relationship with LG, it’s still great.

Hopefully, this clears up a bit of the confusion surrounding the Nexus 4. Next time we talk about Nexus 4 availability, let’s hope it’s to let you know you can head to the Google Play store to buy one now.

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