Sunday, January 27, 2013

Full Fat releases NFL Quarterback 13 for Android

Full Fat releases NFL Quarterback 13 for Android

It’s 2013 and Full Fat has released their first sports title of the year with NFL Quarterback 13 for Android. Yup, it’s another “flick” game and if you’re a football fan it looks to be a game you won’t want to miss.

NFL Quarterback 13 lets you step onto the field as the one position we all wanted to play growing up (and still do) the Quarterback. NFL Quarterback 13 lets you test your skills on the field as you try to hit your receivers and avoid the big sack. If you played last year’s version of the game you should have no trouble getting right down to business with the 2013 edition although there have been some new additions to the game this time around. For starters the game looks a lot better than last year’s version which is saying something as last years was pretty slick. The next thing you’ll notice is with the receiver setup which is a bit different, but cool and works well to freshen up the game. Unfortunately that’s where the good news ends as Full Fat has filled NFL Quarterback 13 full boosts and upgrades which means there’s a lot more IAP’s to deal with. Usually not that big of a deal, but considering it’s a “paid game” it’s not a cool thing to do and is likely to irritate your fan base.

NFL Quarterback 13 is a great looking quarterback game that’s good for some quick fun on your mobile, but the in-app purchasing has hurts things. I enjoyed their last football game and was hoping the 2013 edition would up the ante, unfortunately I don’t feel like it’s enough of an upgrade to warrant a purchase especially when you take into account the IAP setup. If you still want to give it a try you can pick up Full Fat’s NFL Quarterback 13 for $ 2.24 on Google Play.

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