Wednesday, February 27, 2013

With a denial for more user tokens, Falcon Pro for Twitter is dead in the water

With a denial for more user tokens, Falcon Pro for Twitter is dead in the water

Today is a sad day for third-party developers, and users alike. If you never got the chance to buy and claim a limited user token granting you access to use Twitter through the beautiful and functional Falcon Pro for Android, you missed the boat.

Last year, Twitter made it clear that unless third-party developers provide some sort of unique feature or added level of service to Twitter apps, they would be cut off at a certain number of user tokens, restricting the amount of people that can access Twitter through their app. They also made it clear that in certain situations, more users tokens could be granted. Encouraging developers not be alarmed, but to make sure they added something to experience, not just mimic the official client. Despite being more functional, better looking and including features like a built-in browser for improved handling of media and links in tweets, Falcon Pro has been denied access to more user tokens, killing the app for new users.

News of Falcon Pro running out of user tokens was first reported several days ago. Developer Joaquim Vergès made it clear that the situation was being worked on, raising the price of Falcon Pro to ~$ 130USD, while including a message in the app description explaining what was going on, and providing a link to a petition thats has already reached nearly 6,000 signatures. This was all before Twitter denied Falcon Pro more tokens though. At this point, there’s not a whole lot Vergès can do.

If not for third-party apps and committed developers, Twitter wouldn’t be half the service it is today. It’s a terrible shame to see the development community being treated the way they are. We’ll update you with more information on Falcon Pro’s situation once more information comes in.

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