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The Galaxy S IV getting new camera feature called Samsung Orb

The Galaxy S IV getting new camera feature called Samsung Orb

The Samsung Galaxy S IV rumor mill is in full gear now and one of the latest involves a cool feature called Samsung Orb. The new camera feature looks to be similar to the Photo Sphere feature that came with Jelly Bean aka Android 4.4, but amped up for use with the Galaxy S IV.

If you’re still stuck on an old version of Android and haven’t experienced panoramic awesomeness of Photo Sphere yet here’s the skinny on Orb. The Samsung Orb will let you take panoramic 360-degree photos by moving your phone up, down, left or right to stitch together your picture. This works to give you a 3-D viewing experience of sorts and makes for some really cool looking pictures if you’ve seen what Photo Sphere can do. Samsung Orb looks to be optimized for the (rumored) Galaxy S IV’s 13-megapixel shooter, and it’s being reported that they’ve worked closely with Facebook for social integration.

While the Samsung Orb rumor is just a rumor, it looks to be a solid one and according to the source’s tipster in the article engineers are working around the clock to have the feature ready for the Galaxy S IV’s release next month. If it’s not available in time, it should be available via an update soon after the device is launched. I just picked up the S3 last year so I’ll have to skip this generation of the Galaxy line, but it’s shaping up to be a beast of a phone if all the recent rumors are true.

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