Saturday, February 23, 2013

Galaxy S IV doing away with AMOLED and Exynos?

Galaxy S IV doing away with AMOLED and Exynos?

Another day and another Galaxy S IV leak, but this time there is something more surprising than the usual rumors. The latest one is may come off as a shock to many Galaxy S3 fans out there, if the leak is correct Samsung may be deviating from expectations a lot. Sam Mobile, a site which specializes in leaking Samsung related information, claims that the information comes from a trusted source within Samsung. According to the report, Samsung will be ditching the Super AMOLED screen and the Exynos processors. Well this is kind of strange as Galaxy smartphones are now recognized by their AMOLED screens.

A disclaimer here though, while the information comes from a trusted insider, Sam Mobile says that there is a possibility that it may turn out to be wrong. While the information is good, it may not reflect the official specifications, so don’t believe it blindfolded. The newest Galaxy S IV leak says the phone will have a SoLux display, the very same which was rumored to be on the HTC One a while back. The screen size will come a 4.9 inch and the panel will be a Full HD one. A Snapdragon 600 processor clocked at 1.8 GHz will act as the heart of the smartphone. 2 GB RAM along with 16/32/64 GB of internal memory will be available. A 13 MP camera will adorn the back of the Galaxy S IV while the usual physical Home button paired with capacitive ones will make a return. While the phone’s back will be removable plastic one, the sides will be made of aluminum. The Galaxy S IV will have removable battery and will come in black and white colors.

The image in questions shows a rather big smartphone, and shows Galaxy S IV displayed on it. The picture is taken in a conveniently dim-lit room with a smartphone camera, we are betting it’s the Galaxy S3 judging from the reflecting. If this is indeed the Galaxy S IV, it will be more squared unlike the organic nature inspired Galaxy S3. Well Samsung is supposed to have an event in March, we can’t wait.

Source â€" SamMobile

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