Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Twist for Android proves Facial Hair can be Fun

The Twist for Android proves Facial Hair can be Fun

Mustaches aren’t often regarded as fun. The Twist from Anthony Massingham is set to change the way you look at facial hair and it’s the first Android game out there that lets you collect coins with a mustache.

The Twist is a coin collecting game that full of coins, coppers, and damsels in distress. Your goal is to take the mustachioed man’s curly mustache and drag it out and wrap it around coins floating about the screen. You have to make a closed loop to collect the coins which sounds easier than it is as the coins are constantly moving and there are cops all around. You’ll want to avoid the coppers while collecting as many coins as you can in the allotted time, but you can add additional time if you snag a Damsel in your mischievous mustache.  There are no real extras to speak of, but the full version has leaderboards so you can check your mustache twisting ability against the best around.

The Twist is one of the more interesting games we’ve seen lately and it’s a game well worth checking out whether you’re into mustaches or not. The game has a cool old timey feel to it, and the odd combination of coin catching & mustaches really works well together. There’s a free version of The Twist you can pick up while the full version ads leaderboards and time boosts for only a buck. You can pick up both versions of Anthony Massingham’s The Twist on Google Play.

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