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Phosphor Games Studio launches Project Awakened on Kickstarter

Phosphor Games Studio launches Project Awakened on Kickstarter

We’ve covered a few of Phosphor Games Android titles in the past, and a few days ago I noticed an interesting Kickstarter of theirs called Project Awakened. While Project Awakened is only a PC based concept at the moment, it’s one of the more interesting and ambitious gaming concepts we’ve seen in quite some time.

Project Awakened is a game that lets you create the video character of your dreams. While it may not sound “earth shattering” it is as they mean it in the most literal sense. The game doesn’t use the old skill-tree or class system; instead it features a modular setup that allows you to mix & match powers and skills in unique ways. Sure you’ll be able to make Pirates, Soldiers, and Ninjas, but what about a hero that spontaneously combusts or a heroine that’s invisible and uses charm to have others do her bidding? Those are a just a few possibilities the developers have thrown out there, and they are two combinations I bet you’ve never thought of before. See the potential?

Having a game full of superheroes is only half the battle though as you‘ll need an awesome environment for them to play in. Project Awakened has that covered as well. They aim to build a rich world you can explore on your own, but still have the option to take on story-driven experiences based on your characters abilities. The environment and AI will react differently depending on your powers which means you should have a different experience when playing with new characters and abilities. There’s a storyline as well that involves the government, shady corporations, physical augmentation, and human evolution. Got your attention yet?

Project Awakened is one of the more ambitious projects I’ve seen, but Phosphor definitely has a team put together to pull it off. They’ve worked with Epic to develop the Unreal Engine 4, and have a team full of vets that have worked on titles like Mortal Kombat, Gears of War 2, Dark Meadow, and Horn just to name a few. At the time of this writing they’ve raised around $ 59,363 out of their $ 500,000 dollar goal with 28 days left to go.

The game won’t hit beta until August 2014, but as someone who loves character customization (who doesn’t?) it’s a project I’ll be backing and a concept that gamers should pay attention to. If you think the game sounds as cool as I do you can pull out your wallet, show a little love, and start daydreaming about your ideal Superhero.You can find out more about Phosphor Games Studios Project Awakened on their Kickstarter page.

Project Awakened

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