Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Behind the Cube: Day 112 with 22cans Curiosity

Behind the Cube: Day 112 with 22cans Curiosity

Just when I think I’m out…it pulls me right back in. 22cans Curiosity actually piqued my Curiosity since our last Behind the Cube update. Nobody’s broken into the Cube yet, and there are now new features to speak of, but there are a lot of names. Lots and lots of names…

22cans Curiosity Cube has now had 209 layers removed, and the Cube is 112 days old. While that’s not the most exciting news, what’s interesting is the fact that the Cube has unveiled hundreds of people’s names. They’re written on every side of the Cube and while I don’t know how many days it’s been going on for I noticed the names last night. Most of them are still there at the time of this writing, but they are slowly being chiseled away.

As you can see from the screen shots it’s not the same names repeated over and over, and it appears like it might be the “backers” names from Project GODUS. Acolyte backers and above get their name on a layer of the Cube, and we’re thinking this is it or possibly just the start of  the names. Another interesting tidbit comes from the Project GODUS Kickstarter page in the form of two update posts titled “Want your Face on the Curiosity Cube?”  This is only available for backers of the project so I’m not going to spill the beans; if you backed Project GODUS you can read more about it here.

While the new updates may not be earth shattering, they are certainly interesting and it was pretty trippy to see all the names up on the Cube last night. It will be even stranger when big ol’ faces start showing up. I’m not sure I’d want someone passionately chipping away at my face, but it’s a cool concept nonetheless. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can pick up 22cans Curiosity for free on Google Play.


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