Sunday, February 10, 2013

T-Mobile cuts Nexus 4 price to $50, sales estimates inch past 1 million units

T-Mobile cuts Nexus 4 price to $50, sales estimates inch past 1 million units

It goes without saying that Google has had a pretty rough time getting the Nexus 4 into the hands of consumers. Low sales estimates from Google translated into supply shortages, but even when Google has phones to sell, the Google Play store simply couldn’t keep up. Users jammed up the servers, causing immense frustration for those who simply wanted to have the latest Nexus device.

Fortunately, the supply issues have been resolved, and T-Mobile is looking to sell as many Nexus 4s as it can by dropping the price of the 16GB model to just $ 50 for new customers. The discounted Nexus 4 price will only last until February 18, so we suggest you act fast if you were hoping to pick up a Nexus 4 on the cheap.

Unrelated to T-Mobile’s discount on the Nexus 4, the brilliant minds over at XDA-Developers have estimated sales of the Nexus 4 have surpassed 1 million units. While Google has not released any official Nexus 4 sales numbers, draugaz and others have been able to decipher a string of code generated from an LG website when the IMEI from a Nexus 4 is entered (for a more detailed explanation, check out the source link).  Selling 1 million units isn’t that big of an accomplishment these days, but it’s certainly a vast improvement over the 400,000 estimated sales calculated in early January.

If Google and LG manage to keep the supply issue in check, we could see the sales estimate hit 2 million units by the end of March.

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