Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rumor: HTC M7 is now HTC One

Rumor: HTC M7 is now HTC One

In a confusing turn of event, there is a rumor circulating that the HTC M7 will simply be called HTC One upon release. This comes from a notorious yet very reliable source, @Evleaks. The source is claiming that the latest upcoming smartphone from HTC which was codenamed HTC M7 is now going to be called the HTC One. That is right folks; there won’t be any alphabets at the end of the name and certainly no stylish numbers. So it’s not HTC One D, or One T, its only ONE.

The HTC M7 codename first came to light late last year, and since then we have seen numerous leaks and rumors regarding the much awaited smartphone. The latest flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese company certainly has the innards and the grunt to attract many customers. If the rumors are to be believed the HTC One will be an amazing smartphone, with its full HD 1080p screen and 5 inch panel. But using a simple name like “HTC One” for a flagship device is rather odd; we would name our last phone like this so it will be easier to remember it when we go down. Hopefully this will not be the case with HTC, but truth to be told a lot is riding on the success of the HTC One.

On another end, a picture was posted on Flickr which was taken, allegedly from a device called HTC One. The EXIF information states that, but as we all know that it can be spoofed, so this should be taken with a grain of salt. A previous rumor suggested that the HTC One/HTC M7 will have an ultrapixel camera, dividing a 13 MP camera into 4.1 MP layers. But all will probably get cleared, when hopefully HTC will unveil the real deal. HTC is hosting an event on February 19th at New York; we bet the HTC M7/HTC One will be there.

Source â€" EVleaks

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