Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sony Xperia Z doused in Ink, Water and Dust

Sony Xperia Z doused in Ink, Water and Dust

This seems to be the year in which Sony makes the triumphant return to the smartphone top game. Sony spotted a great opportunity at CES, and launched its flagship devices while other OEMs were taking a break. The Sony Xperia Z and its brother Sony Xperia ZL were clearly the stars of the show. Sony is also taking advantage of launching the smartphone well ahead of the other established brand devices like HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4. We have to admit, Sony has successfully gotten our full attention.

The Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL are essentially the same devices internally, but do have some physical differences. Most noticeably is the Sony Xperia Z’s ability to be water, dust and in this case ink proof. You know for all those times when you are writing a sonnet with your quill and your smartphone falls in the inkpot. But with Sony Xperia Z you can now even bath while flinging angry birds at bad piggy, or you know what I mean *winks*. To capitalize this nifty feature, Sony France has released a series of videos called the “Xperimentations”. The videos show the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship smartphone being doused in water, ink and dust. Of course the smartphone turns out just fine after the horrendous accidents, which may leave other smartphones non-functional. Here take a peek at the videos yourselves.

A nice show, I would say really dramatic, especially the slow-motion effect shown by the slowing down stopwatch.

Not sure if these are dust particles, really look like small diamonds. But that’s probably I have never been to France; maybe they have artistic dust there as well.

Is it tea? Or colored water? Or is it just the 5 inch full HD screen of the Sony Xperia Z reflecting its vibrant colors through the water stream? I would like to think it is just that. But seriously what’s up with this Angelique, cant she wait until the videos are done?

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