Friday, February 1, 2013

Herocraft’s Catch The Candy hits Google Play

Herocraft’s Catch The Candy hits Google Play

Like candy? Everyone does, and the little monster in Herocraft’s new Android game Catch The Candy definitely loves the sweet treats. He’s purple, he’s furry, and he’s very, very hungry…

While I don’t know the name of the hero from Catch the Candy, he’s a bit of an odd one and he has a wicked little tail. That tail comes in handy though as you’ll use it to manipulate objects in the game and catch candy of course. Each level requires you to use your grappling tail to get to the candy, and as you’d expect it’s not going to be that easy. Some levels have you swing from rings like a gymnast while others test your reflexes in pinball machines or on Ferris wheels.  The games environments are very interactive and quite a bit of fun. By the numbers Catch The Candy offers up 58 levels spanning several different worlds and more cuteness than you can shake a stick at.

I haven’t had a chance to play Catch The Candy yet, but as you can see from the screens above and the trailer below it looks to be a fun little puzzler. No free version is available at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Catch The Candy for only $ 0.99 on Google Play.

Catch The Candy

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