Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leaked image shows off black HTC One

Leaked image shows off black HTC One

We’ve seen quite a few leaked pictures of the HTC One over the past month, but today we’re getting our first look at the black model wrapped in metal. No new handset details are revealed with the image, but we took a little time out of our day to see how big HTC’s new handset will be compared to the HTC One X.

If the rumors hold up, the HTC One will feature a 4.7-inch displayâ€"the same exact size as the display featured on last year’s One X. Matching up the height of the two displays in Photoshop shows that the HTC One X is slightly wider than the HTC One, though the HTC One is a little bit taller. Unfortunately, our sizing comparison could be a little off; the aspect ratios of the two displays do not appear to match. When overlaying the devices to match the height of the screen, we noticed that the screen of the HTC one is wider than that of the HTC One X. We’re not sure if the HTC One display aspect ratio will be different than that of the One X, but it’s clear that the two phones will be very close in size.

htc-one-black htc-one-body-size htc-one-display-size htc-one-size htc-one-onex-iphone5

What are your thoughts on the new image of the black HTC One? A few technology blogs are saying HTC is ripping of the design of the iPhone 5, but we’re not so sure. We’ll reserve judgment on the matter until we get our hands on the device on February 19 in New York.

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