Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Behind the Cube: Day 105 with 22cans Curiosity

Behind the Cube: Day 105 with 22cans Curiosity

It’s been close to a month since we checked in on 22cans Curiosity and it seems little has changed. More layers have been removed, more graffiti has been written, and more golden badgers have been released.

The Cube has finally surpassed the 100 day mark as we’re on day 105 and still no end is in sight. Around 202 layers have been removed so the speed is steady at roughly 2 layers a day. There haven’t been any new additions to the shop that I can see, and I noticed the stats being kept on 22cans website haven’t been updated since Dec 31 of last year… almost 2 full months. Needless to say the “Godus” pop-up still smacks you in the face every time you go to Curiosity’s in-app shop, but Curiosity seems to have slipped into the background.

While I do occasionally tap on the cube, it’s pretty safe to say my excitement has waned considerably since the “experiment” started. To be honest, most of my friends and colleagues quit tapping some time ago as well. I’m also a bit disappointed that no new features have been added in a while; there’s a lot you could do with the game, but it seems like the team’s attention is elsewhere for now.  We’ll check back in on the cube next month, hopefully things will be a bit more exciting by then.


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