Friday, February 8, 2013

HTC M7 rumor roundup: new name, retail price and a re-confirmed launch date

HTC M7 rumor roundup: new name, retail price and a re-confirmed launch date

Since there seems to be a half dozen new HTC M7 rumors every day or two, we’ve decided to condense the last few into a single post. The expectation is that HTC will unveil the M7 on February 19th at press events in New York and London (we’ll be attending the New York event), but we’re sure there will be quite a new more leaks and rumors before then. So let’s get started!

HTC M7 shows up in black and silver in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory system. the image pretty much tells the whole story. A picture of Carphone Warehouse’s inventory system lists the HTC M7 in both black and silver along with an M7 hard case and screen protector.[1]

HTC Germany promo image reveals a heart-powered microchip.  Don’t worry, you read that right. HTC Germany seems to be pretty excited about the unveiling of the HTC M7, so much so that they were willing to put their heart into it. The promotional image simply reads “ALIVE SOON” with HTC Germany’s web URL. It’s hard to say if there’s any hidden meaning we should be seeing, but it’s certainly an odd way to get people excited about an upcoming flagship phone. [2]

HTC M7 price tag set at  €649.99 in Europe, March 8th launch date-reconfirmed. While the price of HTC’s flagship phones have increased over the years, the €649.99 leaked from a French retailer is about €60 more than what consumers paid for the One X last year. Naturally, everyone can set their own price, but we hope we won’t have to shell out more than $ 200 (with a two-year contract) once the M7 lands in the US. The image was eventually pulled, but it did also list a March 8th sale date, confirming information shared with us before. [3]

HTC M7 name to change to HTC One at launch. Apparently, the M7 isn’t going to still around much longer. According to evleaks, HTC will be branding the phone as the HTC One. This could be a good thing, if HTC plays its cards right. They spent quite a bit of money building the One brand in 2012, but they will need to clean things up if they don’t want to cause confusion among consumers. We’re thinking the HTC One branding will follow what Apple has done with the iPad. They could release a new HTC One every year and have a One Mini (4.3-inch display) or a One Max (5-inch or larger) to give consumers various size options. If this is the case, all other Android phones from HTC will have to carry the Desire brand. [4]

Who’s ready to pay €649.99 on March 8th to buy a silver HTC One? Honestly, we can’t wait to get our hands on the HTC M7/One at the February 19th launch event.

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