Thursday, February 14, 2013

LittleBobby Games releases Bobbing for Android

LittleBobby Games releases Bobbing for Android

We’ve played musical games, and we’ve played games that let you be the DJ. We haven’t however played a game quite like Bobbing from LittleBobby Games…

Bobbing is a fast-paced game involving gravity, balls, and a record of sorts. When you fire up the game you’re hit with a funky beat, a ball, and a turntable. The ball rolls while the turntable spins and your job is to keep the ball moving by switching gravity. This makes the ball rise or fall so that it avoids obstacles; if you run out of real-estate or hit a yellow bumper its game over. The levels are pretty damned tricky to boot as the turntable never stops spinning and you have to start over at the beginning every time you fail. In my case that was often, but I really didn’t mind as the game is a blast.

I only took a handful of levels in the free version of Bobbing to make me realize it was a keeper and a game I needed to buy. I’ve played a few different “gravity games” like this, but Bobbing stands head and shoulders above the rest and I’m looking forward to finishing out the game over the next week. There is a free version of the game you can check out called Bobbing: Get Addicted Edition, it gives you a whopping 20 levels to see if you dig the game. The full version simply called Bobbing will only set you back a buck and gives you 86 levels to sink your teeth into. Needless to say, this one’s highly recommended. You can pick up either version of LittleBobby Games Bobby on Google Play.


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